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EHC 2023 Educational Video

Professor Astermark and Dr Khair discuss their experiences, as a physician and a nurse, of key points-of-care along the gene therapy patient journey. Gain insights into key stages of the gene therapy patient journey (eligibility, dosing and follow-up) from a HCP perspective and learn about the tests involved in the eligibility process, roles of the MDT on infusion day, follow-up requirements after infusion, and how patients can be supported throughout their journey.

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Register for HaemDifferently.expert to discover a wide range of educational resources to help develop your expertise in haemophilia and gene therapy. Advance your knowledge with our publication summaries from key haemophilia publications over the last 70 years and educational videos on key topics in the field. Keep up to date with BioMarin’s congress brochures covering ISTH and EAHAD, listen to world-renowned experts discuss key topics including the patient gene therapy journey, Hub-and-Spoke model, and the multidisciplinary team, and download BioMarin’s patient- support resources to support facilitate your gene therapy conversations with patients.

Patient Journey

Free materials to support patients on the gene therapy journey

Our patient journey resources are designed to assist you in offering comprehensive support to patients navigating their haemophilia gene therapy journey. Dive into our resources for healthcare professionals to enhance your conversations with patients considering gene therapy. Among the many resources, you can find videos providing valuable insights into the practical aspects of gene therapy and discussions guides to facilitate meaningful conversations with patients around gene therapy.

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Free slide summaries for a selection of publications on haemophilia and gene therapy.

The Steering Committee select the most relevant and up-to-date publications and slide summaries are developed for you to download. Explore summaries for key publications from the last 70 years, to develop your expertise in haemophilia and gene therapy.

Patient Voices on Gene Therapy

Hear firsthand experience from patients about their gene therapy journey

Watch our Patient Voices on Gene Therapy series with Dr Sylvia von Mackensen and Professor Hervé Chambost. Throughout this series, patients share their personal experience with gene therapy, including important factors in their decision-making process, the process of infusion and how gene therapy has impacted their lives.